Projection Design

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The New School 
School of Drama
Written by Jonathan Buckingham & Kenya Lewis

Director: Candis C. Jones
Scenic Designer: Teresa L. Williams
Costume Designer: Cate Alston
Projection Designer: Michi Zaya
Lighting Designer:Daisy Long
Sound Designer: DJ Potts
Hair & Makeup Designer: Anais J. McCaskie
Fight Choreographer: Jordan Laroya
Production Stage Manager: Kai Stanton
Associate Stage Manager: Chelsea Janke

The Importance of Being Ernest, 2024
Hunter College - Frederick Loewe Theater

Director - Esther Neff
Assistant Director/Dramaturg - Edlynn Emile
Costume Designer - Stephanie Renoj Lopez
Sound Designer and Music - Brian Hurley
Environment Designer - Deb O
Lighting Designer - Reid Sullivan
Props Designers - Ariel Lewis and Naomi Liu
Media Designer - Michi Zaya
Production Stage Manager- Noah Ortega
Production Manager - Tim Cusack

Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night, 2023
NYU Tisch New Studio on Broadway

Tiffany Rachelle Stewart - Director
Mae Schuberth - Stage Manager
Lauren Barber -  Scenic & Props Designer
Aura Myers  -Costume Designer
Charlotte Seelig - Lighting Designer
Michi Zaya - Projection Designer
Sean Hagerty - Sound Designer
Sean Manucha - Assistant Director
Raife Baker - Dialect Coach

Based on the novel by Mark Haddon,
Adapted by Simon Stephens
Photography by Bronwen Sharp
Zebra 2.0, 2023
New Ohio Theatre ICE FACTORY 
Written By Saviana Stanescu

Directed By Jeremy Goren
With Contributions By Data Scientist Dr. Niki Athanasiadou
Featuring: Alina Mihailevschi & Tim Craig
Producers: Anomalous Co, Wistaria Project, The Romanian Cultural Institute In New York
Producing Team: Aaron Ellis, Diana Zhdanova, Jeremy Goren, Jordan Friend, Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva, Rachael Langton
Projection/Video Design: Michi Zaya
Monitor Video Design: John Jannone, Amy Liou
Scenic Design: Xinan Helen Ran
Production Stage Manager: Erika Bracy
Lighting Design: Duncan Davies
Music: Ras Badejo
Graphic Design: Billie Starship

The New School
School of Drama

Director: Glynis Rigsby
Associate Director: Francisco Rivera Rodriguez
Scenographer: Emmett Grosland
Costume Designer: Madison Cagle
Lighting Designer: Evan Anderson
Sound Designer: Elliot Yokum
Projections Designer: Michi Zaya
Fight Director: Judi Lewis Ockler
Production Stage Manager: Kyra Bowie
Assistant Stage Manager: Callie Considine

Playwright: Christopher Chen


School of Drama, The New School, Charly Evon Simpson (Playwright), Jordana De La Cruz (Director), Danielle De La Fuente (Scenic Designer), Somie Pak (Costume Designer), Colleen Doherty (Lighting Designer), Elliot Yokum (Sound Designer), Michi Zaya (Projections Designer), Anais J. McCaskie (Hair & Makeup Designer), Lauren DeLeon (Fight/Intimacy Choreographer), Sarah Samonte (Production Stage Manager), Francisco Rivera Rodriguez (Assistant Stage Manager)

Photography by Nathaniel Johnston Photography

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