All Asian Theatre Production ANCIENT HISTORY to be Presented at The Tank This Month

 “...Being able to connect with historical figures in our histories who were queer and lived full lives as lovers is empowering." Says Director, Michi Zaya, a new multifaceted theater artist to the New York theater scene that is already finding success within the industry with their work in experimental documentary theatre making...

REMINISCENCE, A Multicultural Performance Announced At The Italytime Cultural Center

“With over eight languages spoken, this sensorial story uses music and movement to highlight the confusion and ecstasy of translingual communication.”

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“Zoom theatre has to become its own medium in order for it to become art that you can respect and approach without this contempt because there is a lot of contempt with zoom theatre.” Michi Zaya Tumur has a slightly more positive outlook on zoom. 

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“One of my acting professors once said, “If you feel frustrated afterwards, you held back. If you feel good afterwards, you were truthful.” This was life-changing for me. I think to find meaning in my work, I need to be truthful and I need to delve into the work without holding back. The more I can be honest, vulnerable, and effective with my work, the more I feel I’ve gained something from it while putting out all that I could have for the world.“

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