Selected Acting Samples - Michi Zaya Tumur

Toothbrush Exhibition - Yiseul LeMieux

Michi Zaya as the voice of the Rubber Ducks at Station 6.

Voice Acting Excerpt ︎

BAO-Z - Kelly Lin Hayes

Produced by Matchbox Theatre Company
Directed by Sean Koa Seu
Michi Zaya as Fiona

Recently Screened at Lime Arts Production’s
Twenty by Twenty Fringe Festival


Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks - Radio Play Project

Michi Zaya as Candace

Listen on SoundCloud  ︎

Shirry the Shrimp (Excerpt) - Yiseul LeMieux

Michi Zaya as Shirry, Shirry’s Mom

Voice Acting Excerpt ︎

Wouldn’t It Be Nice
- Payton Jai

Youtube Short Clip ︎

Book - Louie Landry

Silent Short ︎